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Fire brigade equipment

We provide a comprehensive range of genuine, fully compliant and conformant fire suppression brigade equipment, for use by the fire brigade or other trained personnel.
To provide a readily available means of delivering large quantities of water and/or foam to help to extinguish fire, or to prevent its spread.

Our range of brigade equipment includes:

  • Inlet breechings
  • Inlet and outlet cabinets
  • Outlet valves
  • Valve ancillaries
  • Standpipes / bars / keys
  • Underground hydrants
  • Blank plugs
  • Dividing breechings
  • Fire hose and couplings

Why choose Victory Fire for your fire supplies?

Our knowledge comes from our team of industry experts, not sales people. We know we can get you the best fire fighting equipment you need because our team know the equipment as well as you do.
Our expertise isn't just limited to brigade equipment. We can also supply fire extinguishers, fire alarms, risk assessments and fire training.
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