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Emergency lighting supply, installation and maintenance in London

Often in a fire, the electrical supply to the afected building will be cut in order to hold back the fires spread. If this is the case, or if your lighting fails, you need to have a backupin place to make sure both your staff can get out quickly and safely, and the fire services can get in easily.
Recent legislation makes it critical that all businesses address the requirements for Emergency Escape Lighting.
All escape routes, including external ones, must have sufficient lighting for people to see their way out safely. Emergency escape lighting may be needed if areas of the workplace are without natural daylight or are used at night.

Emergency exit lights should:

Indicate the escape routes clearly Provide escape light along escape routes to allow safe movement towards the final exits
Ensure that fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment can be readily
In addition to emergency escape lighting, it may be necessary to provide other forms of emergency lights for safety reasons, such as shutting down manufacturing processes safely.
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